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United States

Spinner, Fibre Producer

Alaura Pittman

Alaura Pittman is a weaver, spinner, fibre producer and co-owner of Ironhorse Homestead in Ohio, USA.

The business operates from a 19-acre homestead where, along with her husband  Kyle Alaura raises alpacas, angora goats and Navajo-Churro and Babydoll sheep in the Midwest.

In addition to dyeing (using materials foraged from around the homestead), weaving and wet felting fibre from their animals, Alaura and Kyle occasionally send fibre out to a local mill for spinning into roving or yarn. This produces yarn which Alaura uses in her own work and sells to customers through the website. And importantly, it enables them to process all the available fibre before the next shearing day comes around.

“I enjoy the slow nature of raising animals and seeing the fibre change from shearing all the way to finished projects. I also enjoy being part of my local fibre shed and educating people on local fibre usage vs fast fashion.”

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