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If you identify as BIPOC and work within the fibre industry, we invite you to apply to be part of the Directory. Please fill in the application form on our website.

Although BIPOC in Fiber is BIPOC-led and -focussed, anyone can get involved. Our mission is to bring about positive change in the industry whereby everyone, regardless of race and ethnicity, feels they are included and represented. 

  • For everyone wanting to be more intentional in supporting BIPOC businesses, the Directory is the perfect tool.

  • Any donation, big or small, helps ensures we can continue carrying out our work promoting and supporting BIPOC fibre businesses.

  • The Resource Hub is an invaluable asset packed with information and learning for BIPOC businesses and their owners. If you have something to contribute, be it an opportunity, an idea for educational content, etc, please get in touch.

Get involved

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