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United Kingdom

Publisher, Crochet Designer, Podcaster/YouTuber

Alyson Chu

Alyson Chu is an aspiring crochet designer, web designer / developer and the crochet half of Keep Calm and Carry Yarn (KCACY) podcast. Along with her mother Vivian who is the knitting half of the partnership, the two chat about their latest WIPs and FOs on the podcast which is released 1-2 times a month with a video edition also released on Youtube.  

In 2020 Alyson's second design, the Tweel Cowl, was shortlisted in the Design Competition run by the UK’s Unravel Festival and she has recently written pieces for Crochetzine and Crochet Now.   

A valued member of the BIPOC in Fiber team, in addition to her crafting endeavours  Alyson is also responsible for the design and maintenance of the BIPOC in Fiber website.

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