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United States

Author, Crochet Designer, Fiber/Textile Artist, Hand Knit Designer, Knitwear Brand, Machine Knitter, Tutor

Alyssarhaye Graciano

Alyssarhaye Graciano is a trilingual POC who once worked in the tech industry as a linguistic specialist but left to pursue a creative career as a fibre artist.

While she mainly knits, crochet, macramé and weaving are also part of her everyday life and she started BlackSheepMade in order to fund an internship abroad while in college. Over the last three years it has evolved: into large public installations, long-term pop-ups, and travelling workshops. You can find her latest mural – a 15 x 8 foot (4.5 x 2.5 m) woven mural made together with her dad Francisco as an homage to her late abuelita (grandmother) and hometown culture v at The Berryessa Flea in her hometown of San Jose, California, USA.

In 2018, she ran a two-month pop-up in downtown Portland via a city-funded program during which time she tested out her idea of a 'deli for knits' where people could choose a style of beanie or scarf, pick their colour andAlyssarhaye would knit it up in a week. Today, she continues her art career as a designer for various fibre brands and local businesses and teaches fibre workshops in both English and Spanish.

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