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United States

Hand Knit Designer, Indie Dyer

Amor Esperanza Valdez

Amor Esperanza Valdez is a multi-talented hand knit designer who published her first design in 2014. Over the next 6 years she worked primarily as an indie dyer and yarn producer developing two yarn companies, Crave Yarn and Amores Yarn Studio. In 2020 she took the decision to rededicate herself to her stitches, and to the shaping, counting and playful divergences that characterise her design process. Her background as both dyer and yarn designer-producer-retailer has given her a nuanced and resonant understanding of her medium, fiber. And, in addition to her design work, much of her time is now spent working as an industry consultant focused on product development as well as community engagement. In her own words 'The fiber industry is my home and I am dedicated to investing in the spaces and people that will enable our community to become sustainably and perpetually safe and satisfying for all.'

Her patterns are available in PDF format from her Ravelry Pattern Store.

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