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United States

Indie Dyer, Machine Knitter, Spinner, Tools Maker, Tutor, Weaver

Brenshevia Taylor-Boone

Brenshevia (Bren) Taylor-Boone is the multi skilled indie dyer behind Snerb Yarn & Fiber based in Oklahoma, USA. In addition She is also a fibre processor, spinner, knitter, punch needle designer, sewist, crocheter, weaver, potter and maker of spinning tools. With a true passion for fibre she's a fibre arts instructor and writer having written articles for both PLY magazine and Fibery Goodness.

Bren is a true artisan and loves the act of making just about anything. In her own words 'If it has anything to do with yarn, chances are I've tried it. I love to inspire others and show them that sometimes all it takes is a little belief in yourself and a little practice, and you can do anything you set your mind to'.

With a focus on the lovingly handmade and carefully sourced her website carries a range of fibre supplies including including yarn, hand-dyed fibre, project bags and cold-processed wool soap.

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