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Hand Knit Designer, Spinner, Tutor

Camila Larsen Esveile

Camila Larsen Esveile is a Chilean hand knit designer, spinner and tutor. Based in Santiago, she's been a textile tutor for over 10 years and only recently started designing knitwear, publishing garments and accessories patterns in both English and Spanish. She takes inspiration from the regenerative cycles of life and her textile practice is part of her political and spiritual life. During 2020 she's reconnected with her Palestinian ancestry by exploring tatreez or traditional Palestinian embroidery; something that has made her think about how certain collective textile practices resist and thrive in a capitalistic and colonial world.

Camila's patterns are available in PDF format through her Ravelry Pattern Store and you can find out more about her classes and blog on her website 'Corriendo con Tijeras' (which translates as 'running with scissors').

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