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United States

Blogger, Hand Knit Designer, Indie Dyer, Publisher, Weaver, Yarn Retailer

Candice English

Based in Great Falls, Montana, USA Candice English is the Indie Dyer, Blogger, Hand Knit Designer, Publisher, Weaver, Yarn Retailer behind The Farmer's Daughter Fibers.

The company creates hand dyed yarn inspired by their Piikani Culture, Western Heritage, and Montana roots. Their creativity is deeply tied to their connection with the Creator, and what started in Candice's basement has now turned into a family run business.

With eleven employees, a busy dye studio and bricks and mortar shop, the company is proud to say that around half of their employees are Indigenous. In 2019, the disappearance of Ashley Heavy Runner and Jermaine Charlo weighed heavy on Candice, and she became involved with MMIW (Missing Murdered Indigenous Women) and Human Trafficking work. The company started raising money through The Farmer's Daughter Fibers, and it has now become Sisters United, a nonprofit organisation whose mission is to provide opportunities to empower Indigenous Women, Children, and Families.

The Farmer's Daughter Fibers yarn collection with weights ranging from Lace Weight to Super Bulky is available online from the company website.

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