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Indie Dyer, Spinner, Tutor

Cheryl Tan

Cheryl Tan is a spinner, tutor and the indie dyer behind Singapore based KAIJUU Fibers.

Also known as Monster Fibers (Cheryl has a thing for doodling monsters) KAIJUU Fibers specialises in bright, hand-painted yarns in fibres specifically selected to suit the Singapore weather where the year-round temperature ranges between 32 and 35 degrees Celsius.

With a playful approach to crafting Cheryl uses knit and crochet as pens and brushes to illustrate her colourful world with hand-dyed yarn acting as the medium through which she shares her collection of grotesque creatures. And, with her mantra 'Be bright, be colorful, be you!' she aims to inspire her customers to actively embrace the loud and the mismatched with yarn bases that blend Merino wool with nylon, silk, linen and bamboo in fingering and heavy fingering weights.

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