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United States

Blogger, Crochet Designer, Podcaster/Youtuber

Clarisabeth López Rodríguez

Proud of being Puerto Rican born and raised, Clarisabeth López Rodríguez is a crochet designer, blogger, podcaster and host of the 'Crochet Cakes' podcast and blog. At the age of 15 Clarisabeth's aunt tried to teach her the subtle art of crochet. She failed. However when, in her first year of college, she saw a crocheted purse she wanted to make, the crochet bug bit once more and together with her Mum, Clarisabeth embarked on 'the granny square and flower making journey.'

Describing it as one of the many 'rabbit holes' she's fallen into she admits 'I've always been surrounded by crafts, my grandmother was a seamstress, my mom is a jewellery maker and crocheter, my aunts crochet and embroider.'

Launched just last year, 2020 has seen 'Crochet Cakes' become a full-time job due to the ongoing global pandemic but Clarisabeth sees this as an opportunity, saying 'I think it's taken a year to narrow down my style and it all goes back to my love of history and vintage fashions.'

You can learn more about her journey as a designer, on the go projects, warm weather crafting and much more on the 'Crochet Cakes' podcast on Youtube. New episodes are published every 2 weeks.

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