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Coletta Peterson

Coletta Peterson is the crochet designer and maker behind the 'A Touch of BLU' brand which specialises in 'Black and Brown dolls for Black and Brown people.'

She began crocheting to beat the boredom that set in after losing a job she loved and, after mastering the basics with endless hats, dish towels and scarves, made her first bespoke doll for an expectant friend.

She tries to offer a small piece of herself with each new creation, seeing them as 'a showcase for the beauty and style of an all too often underrepresented people.' In Coletta's own words 'Doll making gives me the freedom to be all of the things that kid me wanted to grow up to be: a ballerina doctor who is also a firefighter and a veterinarian'.

Her ready made dolls and patterns can be found on the ATouchOfBluDesigns shop on Etsy.

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