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United States

Blogger, Podcaster/Youtuber

Gaye Glasspie

Gaye Glasspie is a blogger, podcaster / YouTuber and entrepreneur who describes herself as 'a 50 something year-old who fell in love with knitting late in life.'

She taught herself to knit via a combination of online YouTube tutorials and in person visits to her local friendly yarn stores. But, coming at a particularly challenging time in her life she describes finding the craft as 'her ride or die, her BFF, her kind of therapy.'

More affectionately known as simply 'GG' she's a global phenomenon and famously obsessed with all things orange. Her website 'GGmadeit' is home to her blog musings and all types of merchandise: from 'We knit too' mugs and 'Yarn Ho' pins to 'Stand in the Gap' Tees and much more.

As someone who firmly believes that knitting has become a beautiful bridge into a world of wonderful people and a way to universally connect with others Gaye frequently uses her large social media platform to do just that; whether encouraging newbie crafters, hosting 'show and tells' for WIPs or challenging racial stereotypes.

She can be found across a number of online platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the GGmadeit website.

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