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United Kingdom

Crochet Designer, Indie Dyer

Ishrat Khawja

Ishrat Khawja is a crochet designer, indie dyer and owner of Fruitful Fusion.

She began dyeing yarn while living in North Africa when, as an avid knitter and crocheter, she found it difficult to find good quality yarn and even harder to find some that was hand dyed. So, in 2017 she started dyeing for herself and soon fell in love with the process.

Ishrat set up her first shop on Etsy almost two years later when she returned to the UK and currently juggles yarn dyeing with the everyday demands of running the business and raising her family.

Her colourways are inspired by many different sources: from extensive travels around the world to memories of her childhood but her yarns are always a creative vehicle for self expression. As Ishrat puts it 'Fruitful Fusion is very much a one-woman show and it is my passion. Join me on the journey!'

Ishrat's range of hand dyed yarns are available on the Fruitful Fusion website.

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