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United States

Hand Knit Designer, Spinner

Lauren McElroy

Lauren McElroy is a spinner and knitwear designer who started her business Motherofpurl in 2016 shortly after the birth of her son.

Based in Wisconsin, USA the business came from a desire to turn her hobby into a more far-reaching endeavour and began with her selling ready to wear, hand knit items on Etsy and at craft events. In line with her vision, it has since evolved into a creative process where Lauren designs, makes and writes patterns for the kind of clothes she wants to wear which she then shares with the wider world. She now sells almost exclusively knitting patterns and handspun yarn to knitters.

Her self published patterns can either be found in her pattern store on Ravelry or alongside her 'one of a kind' handspun yarns on the Mother of Purl website.

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