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United Kingdom

Indie Dyer

Leila Bux

Leila Bux, the founder of The Urban Purl is a long-time crafter, knitter and crocheter. She began dyeing yarn as an ongoing extension of exploring creativity in colour, subsequently launching the brand online in 2017.

A culturally rich and diverse upbringing in West London has greatly influenced Leila's creativity, leading to a fascination with urban and cityscapes. The graphic imagery of urban dereliction, deconstruction and decay imbues many of her yarns with a raw, gritty quality and intricate semi-tonal colour ways, lightly peppered with speckles have become her brand's signature.

A maximalist at heart, Leila creates darkly blended moody colours, as well as intensely rich and vibrant hues with or without speckles. Texture, dimension and handle are key factors when choosing yarns for The Urban Purl and Leila constantly strives to keep her yarn stock luxurious, sustainable, ecologically friendly and as cruelty free as possible.

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