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Hand Knit Designer, Indie Dyer, Podcaster/Youtuber, Spinner

Lise Condis

Lise Condis is an indie dyer with Greek, French and Syrian heritage who lives on the island of Greece where she runs her hand dyed yarn business TréLiz.

Previously an optometrist Lise is a self-taught dyer with a love for spinning, knitting and crochet, and whose passion for colour and fibre took over her everyday life which led to the birth of her business.

Her love of bright colour is evident in her wildly coloured range of yarns and her motto is 'Color is Power, Fiber is Our Weapon'. Why? As Lise says 'because for me colour is a driving force, a creative source... and if that source had to have a weapon, it would be fibre!'

She also enjoys designing and likes to add unexpected twists to her patterns, as a way of playing with the 'rules' of knitting.

Lise's yarns and patterns are available from her website and from a range of global stockists.

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