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Knitwear Brand

Lorraine Amagove Mugere

Kenya based Lorraine Amagove Mugere is the hand-knit and crochet designer behind the Amagove Mugere brand.

Lorraine's mother was a teacher with a passion for crafting and as a child, Lorraine remembers watching her create. But unlike her Mum, she wanted to pursue craft further and so developed her hobby into a business that now gives her both pleasure and purpose.

Her bold use of colour, love of intarsia and signature oversized silhouettes help to make the Amagove Mugere brand both instantly recognisable and desirable. So much so in fact that each of her of one of a kind designs often sells as soon as she posts them onto her Instagram feed.

Lorraine sells her garments and hand made leather bags in the Amagoveshop on Etsy.

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