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United States

Fashion Designer, Hand Knit Designer, Knitwear Brand, Tutor

Louis Boria

Louis Boria aka Brooklyn Boy Knits is a self-taught fibre artist who has been in the industry for 12 years since being discovered and photographed knitting on the New York subway. After the image went viral in 2017 he wanted to use his social media platform to do something positive and so began working with local New York public schools, teaching some of the children to knit. He has worked closely with campaigns such as Hat Not Hate, Cancer Awareness Programs at New York's Mt. Sinai Hospital and with LGBQTA+ young adults by promoting knitting as a therapeutic outlet. As well as working in the community Louis is a knitwear designer of both custom pieces and knitting patterns ranging in style from streetwear design to runway couture.

In 2019 he became a member of Soho Publishing's Diversity Advisory Council which was set up to address the lack of diversity and inclusion in the fibre arts industry. The following year he co-organised The Kaleidoscope Fashion at Vogue Knitting Live, New York to showcase the work of up and coming designers and where he also showcased two of his own pieces: the 'Mirala' and 'Mirame' dresses.

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