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United States

Indie Dyer

Marian Ju-Scozzare

Marian Ju-Scozzare is the indie dyer behind Marianated Yarns based in Edison, New Jersey, USA.

Marian has been hand dyeing since 2012 and primarily dyes repeatable, deeply saturated hues and nuanced tonals but also likes to have fun with multicoloured shades like the popular 'Melted Box of Crayons' and 'Marsh Lights' colourways. Her colour inspiration comes from a number of sources; from pop culture, and her favourite sci-fi movies and songs to what she sees in the natural world. And, as someone who for many years, bred puppies along with her husband, she even has shade names celebrating those dogs too.

In addition to full skeins, Marianated Yarns offers several sizes of multicolour gradient sets in both fingering and DK bases and her colourways are available in several bases ranging from laceweight to bulky, with the occasional limited-edition base thrown in for special occasions.

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