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United States

Crochet Designer

Natalie Thomas

Natalie Thomas learned to crochet when she was very young but like many makers didn't find her love of the craft until much later in life. It was only once her children were in school that she picked it up again and, after realising she was constantly changing patterns to suit her own taste she began designing. A background in sewing garments helped her design 'outside of the box' with regard to silhouette and as someone with a confessed aversion to rectangles she designs pieces that she hopes will make women of any size and shape feel good.

In an age of social media influencers and personalities Natalie prefers to use her own, natural voice to interact with fellow fibre artists both on and offline. It's something she loves - along with crafts and tacos

Her self published patterns can be found on Etsy and on Ravelry.

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