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Hand Knit Designer

Reena Bino

Describing herself as a 'lace knitting artist' Reena Bino is a hand knit designer based in Goa, India.

At 8 years old she was taught to knit by her mother and since then 'has been on a continuous journey of learning new stitches, trying new things and writing new patterns.'

A highly experienced lace knitter she takes inspiration from natural forms, finding leaves particularly inspiring as they represent both new growth and opportunity.

Designing under the name 'Nivita Knits' she combines a bold and playful use of colour with intricate lace stitches to produce limited edition and 'one of a kind' hand knitted accessories for the home. From table centrepieces to Christmas decorations each piece is lovingly hand knitted by Reena who imbues each with its own persona.

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