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United Kingdom

Fiber/Textile Artist, Graphic Designer

Salina Jane Gani

Salina Jane Gani is an artist, illustrator, printmaker and knitter with a long held passion for art and storytelling in pictures. Born to East Indian, Guyanese parents and brought up in London she has drawn since childhood and from a very young age dreamed of being a book illustrator.

She studied art at WSCAD, in Farnham, UK (now UCA) and graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, specialising in printmaking. Now working in London Salina combines a love of knitting and crafting with drawing to create fun, quirky illustrations which tell stories about her experience of the crafting community and her life. She also makes art about her cultural heritage in an attempt to uncover, understand and tell those rich stories.

Her work has been exhibited at a number of London galleries and exhibitions including Blackheath Conservatoire, Elizabeth James Gallery and the Slaughterhaus Studio. Her witty range of knitting themed and illustrated books, cards, and prints can be found in the Salina Jane Art shop on Etsy.

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