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United Kingdom

Event Organiser

Sara Fowles

Sara Fowles is a textile artist and co-founder of the Yarningham Festival, the UK's only BIPOC led fibre event.

Set up in 2016 and based in Birmingham, the UK's second-largest city, the event grew out of Stitches and Hos; a knitting group that Sara previously hosted in a local pub. Describing the group as 'a motley crew of enthusiasts of things knitted, crocheted and stitched' it also acts as the umbrella she uses for all her creative practices as an artist, seamstress and knitter.

Held annually in one of the City's suburbs Yarningham is a two-day festival that is carefully curated, to include a constantly changing line-up of exhibitors including 'a marketplace, programme of workshops, demonstrations and most importantly cake'.

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