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United States

Academic, Hand Knit Designer, Podcaster/YouTuber, Tutor, Weaver

Shanel Wu

Shanel Wu taught themself to knit and crochet whilst studying physics and computer engineering in 2014. What began as a stress-relieving hobby quickly grew into a long-term independent study and after graduating they tried various ways to combine both artistic and technical interests: teaching science and maths, designing their own patterns and teaching fibre crafts. Having decided that research and graduate school was the right choice they found a current program, which allows them to explore an interdisciplinary career path in technology, craft, and design.

Currently based in Boulder, Colorado, USA Shanel is a graduate student in human-computer interaction. With research focused on woven smart textiles, they hand weave fabrics with electronic components to explore issues in wearable technology, sustainability and the value of hand craft.

Shanel also hosts a podcast on YouTube, teaches knit and crochet classes and self publishes designs which are available from their pattern store on Ravelry.

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