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United States

Hand Knit Designer

Tina Tse

In her day job Tina Tse works as a knitwear designer who oversees a team producing garments on industrial knitting machines, by night she creates and self publishes patterns for hand knitting.

She was taught to knit at a young age by her grandmother and, wanting to translate her passion for the craft into a career, chose to study knitwear design at college.

Having started out as a knitwear specialist in the fashion industry working with designers to develop their ideas into knit fabric or garments, she now works in the sporting goods industry developing technical textiles with plastic yarn. For her hand knitting creations she draws inspiration from a number of sources; textures to colour changes and the people in her life to her own Chinese culture. Tina is passionate about sharing her experiences as an Asian American and is an advocate for proper representation of Asian identity, especially in creative spaces.

Her self-published patterns can be found on her website.

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