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Crochet Designer, Podcaster/Youtuber, Tutor

Yessabett Bueno Fernández

Yessabett Bueno Fernández was taught to crochet by her mother at the age of ten and loved it so much that she decided to continue self-taught. She began designing in 2018 and firmly believes that crochet and knitting are expressions of our spirit and everything we create is a physical form of our soul. A trained yoga teacher, she is very moved by the energy of the universe and enjoys watching how we project that energy into each stitch we make. As an 'eternal learner' she's constantly looking for new stitches or interesting colours to add to her designs striving to make each one a 'crochet adventure' for those who choose to make them.

Her self published designs are available through her Ravelry Pattern Store and she offers tutorial support on her You Tube channel.

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